DJ Akademiks rode his core base of cultural outsiders to become a cultural voice. His platform is a reflection of what suburban teenagers and…
We once marveled at the celebrity bubble, now many of us are disgusted by it.
The "Socially Conscious" construct is a byproduct of the white gaze.
Men weaponizing one group of women rappers to police another flattens all of them into patriarchal props.
Radicalism can’t be dramatized by an industry it exists to abolish.
Too many hip-hop icons have embarrassed themselves this election season.
Black power is about abolishing the establishment, not sustaining it. 
I’m tired of cringing at misogynistic lyrics, so I know women are.
Rappers are the most prominent anti-police advocates in America, but they continuously demonstrate their convenient carcerality.
Women have the right to discuss their struggle without being overshadowed by selective moralism.
randomities, vol. 1: support Black women, &stop meme-ing their demise. 
How could you be truly pro-life while being pro-capitalism?